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The reason we do what we do is entirely due to a very dedicated and passionate team.

Our Veteran cultivator came into this industry to help others like himself who benefit not only from the use of medical marijuana, but need it to manage symptoms that multiple traditional medications had failed to do. His knowledge and dedication to this industry has transformed into a company that gives the finest of quality and care to those who need it most.

Our Executive Chef also came into this industry for personal reasons. While witnessing her husbands battle with Pancreatic Cancer she was spurred to treat some of his more distressful side effects with cannabis by his physician. That is when the over 15 years of chef experience translated into making edibles that are palatable to those dealing with nausea and aroma sensitivity and potent enough to offer real relief. After his passing she wanted to ensure others got the same quality care and is happy to now work with other dedicated, passionate, and committed professionals.


Deliveries Available

With a valid Maine Medical Marijuana Card and State ID our company would be happy to deliver qualifying orders of our quality products to your location within a 50 mile radius of Brunswick. 

Its Easy!

Contact Green Club and our dedicated team will guide you through our simple ordering process and find the best medication suited for your current situation. 

Keep Your Card Handy! 

There are many companies willing to sell to you currently without your Medical card. We specialize in MEDICAL marijuana for a reason. By having your card you are able to access medication from fully licensed and reputable sources, like US! If you need your card, or have questions about if you qualify we have a link here to connect you with Canna Care Docs of Maine.  

Want to Know More?

Call, text, or e-mail. Want to know more about Green Club or how our services can benefit you? Just reach out and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We are here to help!  

Why Us?

Sure, there are other places that can provide you with cannabis products. However, there is only one Green Club. We are highly focused on patient care and serve our clients with compassion and concern. This focus on you helps us to better meet and exceed your expectations.