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Our dense fudgy brownies are rich and chewy. Made with the finest ingredients from scratch with a cannabis infused butter our Brownies are sure to please the chocolate lover in everyone. approx 35 mg $10.00 each 

Ingredients: sugar, cannabutter, Cocoa powder, flour, eggs, vanilla, salt

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip cookies at the peak of perfection! Our cookies are made with large and small chocolate chips from scratch with the finest ingredients to ensure flavor and quality. Approx 25mg $5.00 each

Ingredients: Sugar, brown sugar, flour, cannabutter, chocolate chips, eggs, vanilla, baking soda, salt 

Fruit nut bars

Assorted nuts, dried fruits, and candies top these scrumdiddlyumptious bars in a way that would leave even Mr. Wonka impressed! Decadent Ghirardelli chocolate is infused with a concentrated cannabis oil to take your taste buds on the ride of a life time! We recommend a third of a bar as a serving. approx 75mg (20mg a square) $20.00

Currently we have 3 flavors of available:

Dried cherries and roasted pumpkin seed

Dried Maine blueberries with candied walnuts

 Toffee bits

Ingredients: Chocolate, cannabis infused oil, assorted fruits and nuts or candy. 


Our beautiful and delicious truffles are made with 60% Ghirardelli dark and white chocolate combined with cannibutter and heavy cream, you will find the center smooth, creamy, and delicious. The coating is a light chocolate infused with a concentrated cannabis oil to increase the effect and potency without overpowering the texture and flavor of the chocolate. Three in a pack. approx. 20mg each $10.00


Ingredients: Chocolate, Cannabutter, heavy cream, candy coating, assorted food colors (White chocolate truffles contain peppermint)


Filled assorted chocolates from fun designs to wacky fillings your assorted box of six is enough to share. Everything from fruit and nuts to weedmallow filling. approx 8 to 10 mg per chocolate. $10.00

Ingredients: Chocolate, sugar, gelatin, cannibutter, assorted fruit fillings, candy coating, assorted food colors and flavors. 

gummy animals

Gummy Animals are a fast and discreet way to microdose. These easily digestible critters are a fruity and delicious. Ten per pack. approx 5mg per animal $10.00 per pack


Leaf Gummies

Cannabis infused leaf gummies are slightly more potent than our other gummies. Delicious and effective, they come in packs of 2 with assorted flavors and colors. approx 20mg each/50mg per package $10.00

Ingredients: Sugar, cannabis, gelatin, artificial flavoring and colors

Dankest Bar

Dank Chocolate Bar

60% dark Ghirardelli chocolate infused directly with our cannabis concentrate. Simple and direct, the dankest bar around! Approx. 100mg per bar $25.00