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"I had never tried cannabis, but had wondered if it would help me. I am 83 and I have fibromyalgia among other things. Under the careful direction of the caregivers at Green Club I was able to not only sleep well for the first time in over 20 years, I felt so great I rode my bike the next day! I can't thank Green Club enough, I was so happy I cried!"

                                                                                          Gladys-Topsham, ME


"I have Lyme disease,

and with that comes body aches, and joint pain. I also can not take traditional sleeping medications per my doctor's orders. Now I sleep great

. Green Club helped me find what worked for me. Thanks so much!"

M.O. -Brunswick, ME

Durban Poison

"I am always on my feet at work. My back and hips often hurt with

shooting nerve pains. Green Club is awesome.

Their products help relieve pain and were delicious."

JB-Brunswick, ME


"The edibles are amazing and tasty, you can differently tell they take time, talent,and effort to make. They're perfect! They do everything they can to ensure all your needs are met. I would suggest them over anyone!

 Great prices, great taste!"


Green house

"I have arthritis in my spine and hands, as well as a spinal fusion. I used to have so much pain and nausea, there were mornings I couldn't get up after long sleepless nights. Now I just use what Green Club grows just for me and sleep like a baby! In the morning I have noticed not only that I am well rested but the inflammation and swelling in my body is so much better. This is like a miracle to me, prescription medications leave me feeling fuzzy all day, but not anymore! Thank you Green club!"

DA-Topsham, ME

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